The newly introduced direct request buttons for product demos and private offers provide both buyers and sellers on the AWS marketplace with a more streamlined procurement experience. Whether you’re looking to evaluate a product or secure a tailored deal, these features ensure you connect efficiently with the right contacts, speeding up your procurement process.

Are you an existing Labra customer? Here’s how you can add these request buttons directly to the AWS marketplace listing page.

New features

  • Direct Demo Requests: With the new request a demo button on the AWS Marketplace listing page, users can directly request product demos through the form. 
  • Direct Private Offer Requests: The new request private offers button allows even faster time to close deals.

Note: These features are only available for AWS Partners that are APN Customer Engagements (ACE) eligible. If you’d like to build your partnership with AWS and accelerate your ACE eligibility, we can help.

Benefits (Seller)

  • Streamlined Communication: AWS representatives act as intermediaries to facilitate communication. Once you fill out the request form, they quickly convey your needs to the sellers, who will then reach out to provide demos or discuss private offers.
  • Faster Procurement Cycle: These features significantly reduce the time it takes to evaluate and procure software by simplifying the initial steps of outreach and negotiation.

Benefit (Buyer)

  • Contact seller easily: With the new request demo and offer buttons, buyers can be assured that they requests are being heard and can get a prompt response from the AWS representative or the seller’s sales team.

How to utilize these features

  • For Buyers:
    • Visit the product listing page of a participating seller.
    • Fill out the form to request a demo or start a private offer discussion.
    • An AWS representative will assist you in connecting with the seller to fulfill your request.
  • For Sellers:

Note: Any lead generated through these form links will first be sent to the AWS Representative and then connected to the right person in your organization.

Learn more

Check out these useful links to learn more about Private Offers, Requesting a demo, and selling on the AWS Marketplace.

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