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In June 2018, Amazon Web Services launched the APN Customer Engagements Program or ACE for short. Since then, participating AWS partners have been using it to boost their customer engagement, find more viable leads, and take advantage of AWS’s support to achieve successful sales. For many AWS partners, especially those just starting out, it can be a difficult process finding and closing on leads. The ACE program gives participants what they need to make that next step and grow their cloud services organization.

APN partners enjoy a number of perks as part of their participation in the ACE program. First of all, participants will be the first to know when it comes to new AWS leads and opportunities. This gives participants the edge they need to compete in today’s marketplace. In addition, participating partners can coordinate 1-on-1 with an AWS Sales representative, in order to smoothly move the potential customer through the sales process.

In general, participating partners receive broad support from AWS. This includes technical support on opportunities received through the program, as well as support, focused on keeping APN partners competitive. It’s a great program because it empowers APN partners with the tools they need to succeed.


By participating in the ACE program, you’ll be personally connected with an AWS Sales representative for every AWS validated opportunity. You’ll get someone on your team that knows the ins and outs of connecting with clients and closing on sales. This expertise puts you and your team far ahead of the competition when it comes to successfully presenting a service to a client.


ACE participants can easily display the successful customer outcomes that they achieved through the program. Not only does this provide greater visibility for your company and your success, but also helps build trust between you, AWS Sales, and potential customers. This translates to more new clients coming down the pipeline, and the opportunity for more sales.


Between connecting with new clients and successfully providing service, a number of things can go wrong. It can be incredibly frustrating to lose out on opportunities due to technical difficulties. That’s why ACE provides participants with ongoing technical support, as well as access to the Cloud Economics Center, which helps businesses become more cost-efficient using Amazon Web Services.


Opportunities achieved through the ACE program can be automatically applied towards achieving competency validation in a number of areas. With focus areas like Security, DevOps, Healthcare, and more, you can show potential customers that you have a proven track record providing the service they need for their specific industry and requirements.

What is the application process for the ACE program?

Actually, there is no application process for the ACE program. Partners who meet the criteria outlined by AWS are automatically eligible to participate in the program. If you are an AWS Advanced or Premier Consulting Partner, then you will have automatically met ACE eligibility requirements. If not, then you will have to prove 10 AWS validated opportunities over a 12 month period, as well as qualify for a number of AWS partner programs.

You can begin the ACE process by sharing your sales opportunities with AWS Sales in the ACE Pipeline Manager. This indicates that you’re ready to work with an ACE sales representative on this particular opportunity. The ACE Pipeline Manager can be found on the APN Partner Central account page.

Once you’ve entered in the necessary information related to the sales opportunity, you will be connected with an AWS Sales team to help you and your team successfully close on the lead. It’s up to you then to keep your pipeline updated with new opportunities, in order to increase your visibility in ACE and received further sales support from AWS!

Interested in optimizing your AWS sales process? OppSync provides a streamlined platform to sync leads received through AWS and those managed by CRM software, like Salesforce. This service forms a crucial part of our client’s sales processes, giving them the ability to streamline their processes and close on more sales.

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