We couldn’t be more grateful for the overwhelming response we have received from our customers in the past year of Labra’s existence. Every month, we have continuously worked on improving your experience with the Labra cCommerce Platform. Our latest feature is a cornerstone of what we want to deliver to our customers. Our new approach to designing user interfaces makes them easier to navigate while providing users with all the customizations they could ask for and creating a seamless integrated experience from Labra Platform’s UI.

The new Enhanced Onboarding Journey for our AWS Marketplace customers presents a self-paced and self-guided onboarding experience, which greatly reduces the number of interactions between Labra’s team and your internal stakeholders. Our goal with this new approach is to provide a seamless and rapid onboarding experience while adding helpful features to the process like autosave, the ability to invite team members, and field validations.

This blog explores the Enhanced Onboarding Journey with Labra FlyOut (AWS) in more detail. Check out the benefits and added features that make the process faster and easier than ever before.

Here’s an oversimplified version of the new onboarding journey:

Steps in new onboarding

Prerequisites to getting started:

  1. Registered as a seller on AWS Marketplace.
  2. Bought the Labra Flyout subscription on AWS Marketplace

Onboarding flow:

  1. Purchase Labra cCommerce Platform from the AWS marketplace.
  2. Get a unique onboarding link, which opens a detailed form to complete your listing details.
  3. Fill out Company details. This is a required step to unlock other fields.
  4. Enter Cloud settings
    1. Select AWS
    2. Enter the AWS account ID and AWS account name.
    3. Fill out the Production Environment ARN.
    4. Go ahead and fill out the listing information starting with:
      1. Product details
      2. Product dimensions
      3. Landing page details
      4. Notifications
  5. Connect your CRM. Choose from Salesforce, Hubspot, and Conectwise. (Optional but recommended)

Note: You can move back and forth between these steps as many times as you wish. The information is Autosaved frequently.

The onboarding steps are complete! You will get notified as soon as your listing is live and you can immediately start creating private offers for your buyers right from Labra’s platform UI or your CRM.

Who does it apply to?

The new onboarding journey applies to users who have purchased the “Labra cCommerce Platform” on the AWS marketplace. The current flow supports users creating new listing(s), migrating existing listing(s), or working with Labra’s managed listing on the AWS Marketplace.

Both managed listing users and new users can choose between SaaS Subscription and SaaS Contracts for their listing type.

New UI updates

New UI features as part of the Onboarding journey revamp

Sidebar for stages and status

We have added a new sidebar to the left of the UI. This gives an easy-to-access view of your onboarding journey including the current stage, past stages, and the status of the stages. Just click on one of the other stages to seamlessly switch to them.

Validations for fields

Form fields in the new onboarding journey have in-built validations to ensure information correctness. These will check if any mandatory fields are left blank and do not match the AWS-specified criteria.

Helpful tool-tips

Never feel lost or clueless about any required information ever again. With tool tips guiding you in each step, be informed of the exact information required for the field. Proceed with confidence and a better understanding of the marketplace process. And quick access to our support, in case you encounter any difficulty along the way.

Autosave your work

We autosave your work every few seconds. No worries about lost progress.

Invite team members

A collaborative onboarding experience so you can invite the right team members to get all the information you need and move ahead promptly.

Helpful guides on each field - tooltips.

How does it compare to listing directly on AWS?

Here are the key differentiating features. Using Labra, you get more intuitive, well-thought-out, and seller-focused features to enable faster onboarding and better collaboration.

Listing through Labra on AWS Marketplace

Direct listing on AWS Marketplace

  • Our collaboration feature allows multiple people from your team to directly fill out the listing details.
  • Limited to listing through one AWS account. Requires back-and-forth communication with multiple internal stakeholders.
  • Autosave your work at every step.
  • Manual save after each entry.
  • Custom landing page with company branding to collect buyer details.
  • Extra effort is required to have a landing page up and running.
  • Easily move back and forth between steps.
  • Moving back and forth is a difficult process.
  • Helpful detailed explanation for every field.
  • Difficult to understand fields and what information they require.
  • Notifies team members and stakeholders when the buyer completes different stages of the buyer lifecycle.
  • Only notifies the AWS account associated with the listing.
  • Manage POs and more from your CRM.
  • Only supports Salesforce at the moment. Requires manual effort to build CRM connector using Marketplace API.
  • Prompt and dedicated customer success team to support you and guide you to marketplace success, available on Slack and Email.
  • Poor AWS support and documentation. Takes days to get a response for a single request.
  • Be market-ready after onboarding. With CRM connection, Cloud connection, and custom landing page. Ready to scale!
  • Only complete Cloud marketplace listing, further effort is required for other tasks and integrations. Inefficient for scaling.


And, we guarantee that all fields and validations are actively changed according to the latest changes on AWS’s end. The new Enhanced Onboarding Experience for Co-Selling is coming soon!

Migrating listings

We’ve made migrating your existing listings from a competitor or AWS marketplace effortless. That is offered in a similar UI, but an even easier flow. Just connect your cloud, select from your existing list of products, and let Labra do the rest.

Migrating listings from competitor to Labra

Connecting your CRM

Currently, we work with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Connectwise CRMs. In the new onboarding journey, you can choose between them and find the connection with ease. Here is what it would look like. Once onboarded, you can manage your marketplace private offers and resale authorizations directly through your CRM system.

Select CRM integration

Salesforce CRM connection successful

Custom notifications

Labra allows you to create email notifications for as many users as you wish. These notifications can be specified in such a way that only a certain set of people get notified for certain actions and customer stage completions. Here’s how that looks:

Adding notifications for different people in different stages on the flow

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