Introducing a groundbreaking new solution for seamless multi-cloud marketplace private offer management. Soar through clouds by listing and selling on multiple marketplaces through the familiar platform and CRM connector. 

Starting in March 2024, Labra users can manage private offers in a streamlined manner across Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud marketplaces directly from their CRM system.

Labra’s cCommerce platform offers scaling teams an efficient new way to oversee and manage multi-cloud marketplace operations, reducing scaling efforts across clouds and providing a single pane of glass for all your cloud marketplaces.

We’ve considered the end-to-end use case and crafted an integrated experience for sellers. Here are some top features that make Labra’s cloud marketplace experience stand out.

Single pane of glass

With Labra, there’s no need to switch between multiple cloud marketplaces and deal with different UIs and learning curves. Our simplified process makes it easy for customers to pick up listings and extend offers across all three cloud platforms from one place – the Labra app on your CRM.

This improves efficiency, simplifies the sales process, and brings all offer and deal data inside Salesforce/Hubspot making it easier to manage. No more juggling between cloud marketplace management portals and manual work required to replicate progress in your CRM system.

All offers across cloud platforms seen in the Labra's Salesforce App

Uniform flows and synced data

With the new multi-cloud support, your CRM is always in sync with all your cloud marketplace portals at the same time. This is made possible by our efficient back-end systems and tight integration with marketplace APIs and relations with cloud providers’ product teams.

Additionally, working on offers through Labra, you’ll experience a standardized and uniform flow for all common actions no matter which cloud provider you choose. This further reduces the time required for your sales team to get up to speed with the different cloud marketplaces.

Real-time notifications

Labra looks for changes in your cloud marketplaces and offers and provides you instant notifications on any changes as they happen. You can also choose to get your notifications delivered directly to you via Slack or email. You can also add additional stakeholders to be notified of certain events, which are not available on the marketplace portals.

Seller notifications – Offer Published Successfully, Offer Publishing failed, Offer Accepted, Offer expiring soon, and Offer expired.

Buyer notifications – New offer received and Offer accepted.

The latest cloud marketplace features

Through Labra’s platform and CRM connector, you enjoy access to all of the newest cloud marketplace features and can create, update, and delete offers with ease. With multi-cloud support, you can do all of this for all your listings across multiple cloud marketplaces at the same time.

By managing your marketplace offers through Labra, you do not have to worry about spending additional efforts trying to keep up with the latest features and API changes from cloud marketplaces. Labra usually launches updated CRM packages for any feature updates.

Integrates into your sales process

Labra’s product provides extensive customization and our team understands your needs well beforehand so that you can continue to make sales and manage all leads from your existing CRM without having to worry about changing your sales process or educating your team on how to manage multiple cloud marketplace management portals. Thus helping you maintain your CRM as the single source of truth.

Our built-in automation capabilities enable your team to scale with ease. Pre-populating fields based on your Salesforce opportunity object, automatic field-mapping, actions based on customers’ progress in the sales journey, and more!

Jumpstart your multi-cloud journey

While you can continue to use Labra with a single primary cloud provider of choice, knowing that going multi-cloud is just as easy and that you will be able to get up and running in no time offers peace of mind and opens up doors for effortless scaling.

Labra also assists you in getting listed on new cloud providers and is there to support you in your journey to success. By making it possible to manage multi-cloud offers from your existing CRM integration, we’ve significantly reduced the effort required to go multi-cloud.

Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace is the second largest cloud provider and continues to hold a 23% market share. Azure Marketplace is another great example of a booming cloud marketplace. Working with Azure marketplace and creating offers is a different process as compared to AWS. One main difference is that Azure has “plans” instead of “products” we see on AWS. Through the Azure marketplace, users can see multiple plans in a listing but can only subscribe to one plan at a time.

Similar to AWS, Microsoft also charges a 3% fee on all transactions through the marketplace.

After taking into account the differences in the marketplaces, we have built out the new integration and respective features on our Salesforce and HubSpot CRM packages. Here are some of the changes in the Azure marketplace offers flow as compared to the AWS marketplace offers.

Azure Marketplace Offers AWS Marketplace Offers
Allows multiple subscriptions to one offer Allows one subscription per offer
Set Discount pricing while creating offers Always set absolute pricing for offers
Offers can have per-user pricing No per-user pricing
Can limit the number of users no limiting of users possible
Three steps to complete a private offer: Accept, Subscribe, Fill out the form Two steps to complete a private offer: Accept and Fill out the form

Offer creation

You can create new offers by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Select the Product you wish to create an offer for.
  2. Fill out the private offer form with all the necessary details.
  3. Save it as a draft or send it to the buyer.

Creating a Microsoft private offer from Salesforce 

Upon submission, the offer will be created in Azure Marketplace, and the recipient will receive an email with offer details and a link to accept.

Once the offer is created, you always have the option to cancel the offer or add new offer recipients.

What’s supported?

Labra currently supports only Azure SaaS listings on the Azure marketplace. The listing can have either Per User pricing or Flat pricing; both of which are supported by Labra.

GCP Marketplace

Google Cloud’s marketplace is the third-largest cloud marketplace in terms of size and deal value. With its 11% market share, it is the third largest cloud provider and has been growing faster than both AWS and Azure. Google Cloud is the preferred cloud provider for startups in the AI space, thanks to the large amount of startup credits provided by Google Cloud. Further, they also have many custom solutions that cater to AI workloads.

As a seller, if you want to make your products available for these cloud buyers, listing on the Google Cloud marketplace is your fastest route. Google Cloud also has a 3% charge on all purchases made through its marketplace. The committed cloud spending by Google Cloud’s customers is around $65 Billion. These buyers are looking to spend on solutions like yours. Once you’re listed on the marketplace, it becomes easier for them to discover your solution and subscribe to it.

GCP Marketplace Offers AWS Marketplace Offers
GCP offers only support installments.  AWS Supports upfront but has the option to add installments.
GCP will shortly allow multiple subscriptions for a customer.  AWS Currently doesn’t support it, but might do in the future.

Labra assists with listing on the cloud marketplace and creating and managing private offers across cloud providers.

Offer creation

You can create new offers by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Select the Product you wish to create an offer for.
  2. Fill out the private offer form with the pricing and payment frequency details.
  3. Select EULA.
  4. Select recipients and send it across.

GCP private offer creation from Salesforce

What’s supported?

Labra currently supports only SaaS listings on the GCP marketplace. The listing can have either flat, usage-based, or flat and usage combined; all of which are supported by Labra.

Find more details on the changes in our changelog.

Interested in setting up GCP and Azure listings with Labra? Reach out to us at or get in touch with your PDM.


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