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Embark on a transformative journey in cloud marketplace operations, specifically tailored for Cloud Alliance Leaders. Meet us at Catalyst 2023 to understand how the Labra DCCM platform can be a catalyst for your growth through simplified marketplace operations, and co-selling. Catalyst by Partnership Leaders is the world’s leading partnerships conference to discuss best practices, set standards and recognize success in the Channels, Alliances, and BD ecosystem. Labra by Ibexlabs is a Distributed Cloud Commerce Management platform fo ISVs and Consulting Partners to accelerate their co-selling flywheel through:
    • Streamlined Cloud Marketplace Operations: Labra DCCM is your strategic toolkit for streamlining intricate cloud marketplace operations. From effortless product listings to updates, your focus shifts from logistics to innovation, enabling you to propel your cloud offerings to new heights.
    • Effortless AWS ACE Integration for Revenue Growth: Unlock the power of seamless integration with AWS ACE through Labra. Effortlessly align Labra DCCM with various CRMs to manage customer interactions strategically. This cohesion fosters lasting connections, cultivating a loyal customer base that directly impacts your revenue streams.
    • Tailored Private Offers, Amplified Revenue: Craft personalized, standout private offers (CPPO and MPPO) effortlessly with Labra. Tailor pricing, features, and bundles to captivate your audience. The result? Increased conversion rates and revenue growth as you deliver precisely what your customers desire.
    • Join the Cloud Marketplace Revolution: Witness how Labra DCCM revolutionizes cloud marketplace operations, empowering Cloud Alliance Leaders to navigate complexities with confidence. Discover firsthand how Labra’s strategic insights, streamlined processes, and revenue-enhancing capabilities reshape your marketplace approach.
Embrace Labra DCCM and unlock a new era of cloud marketplace excellence, where operational efficiency translates directly into revenue growth and marketplace success.

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