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Cloud Storage Security

About Cloud Storage Security

Cloud Storage Security is an AWS ISV Accelerate partner that provides cost-effective, automated solutions for malware detection, data identification, and storage assessment. Commercial, regulated and public sector organizations throughout the world turn to Cloud Storage Security to ensure their data is clean and that their environment is secure.

Labra seamlessly bridges the gap between HubSpot and AWS ACE, transforming the way businesses like Cloud Storage Security manage opportunities.

John Tonini, VP of Sales at Cloud Storage Security, shares his success story with Labra.

They were drowning in time-consuming data entry, juggling referrals, free trials, and inbound leads between HubSpot and ACE. Labra came to the rescue, streamlining the process and reducing the 15-minute ordeal to mere seconds. With Labra, your sales reps can focus on selling instead of tedious data entry.

Plus, Labra understands your unique needs and is constantly evolving, adding features like automatic associations for deal records and company profiles. Labra’s impact goes beyond efficiency. It empowers AWS APN partners to explore the full potential of ACE. Say goodbye to just keeping up with opportunity submissions and hello to unlocking additional benefits like POC credits, MDF funding approvals, and more.

With Labra, Cloud Storage Security has not only simplified its workflow but also tapped into the broader potential of its partnership with AWS. Discover how Labra can revolutionize your sales process

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