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Netdata is an open-source observability, monitoring, and troubleshooting platform built for efficient and easy maintenance of your infrastructure metrics, logs, and real-time visualizations. Netdata offers a low-cost, high-quality alternative to setups like Datadog and is easier than setting up and maintaining your stack using Prometheus and Grafana.

In this conversation with Netdata’s Product Manager – Sathyadeep Ashwathnarayana, we dive into more details on their onboarding process to the AWS Marketplace and how they leveraged Labra to reach their users faster through the AWS Marketplace.

Netdata’s marketplace listings

Netdata has currently listed two Container products and one SaaS product on the AWS Marketplace. Their SaaS product is Netdata Cloud, and they have container products specifically for Kubernetes (EKS), and an on-prem offering (BYOL) and (Quicklaunch). Both of these support BYOL and can be deployed using the included Helm Chart.

How different was the process for a SaaS listing compared to a container listing?

Listing of SaaS products is a relatively simpler experience. Labra’s self-serve onboarding process also makes the overall process smoother for companies listing their solutions on cloud marketplaces. With container listing there more aspects to it such as getting your container images and Helm chart ready, and the verification process from AWS also takes a bit longer. 

Partnering with Labra made the listing process for us much easier than if we had done it on our own. Satya A Product Manager at Netdata


Working with Labra

As a product manager who also leads marketing and sales initiatives at Netdata, Satya understands the importance of the AWS Marketplace listing and the partner program. In general, sellers see 80% larger deal size and close 27% more deals, as well as 40% faster deals with the AWS Marketplace. Netdata reached out to Labra in Q4 2023 to assist them with their SaaS and Container listing on the AWS Marketplace. This was in line with their mission to grow their cloud sales revenue through the AWS Marketplace. 


What is Netdata looking to achieve through its Container listing on the AWS Marketplace?

A majority of Netdata’s current customers are using AWS to host their infrastructure. So, most of their monitoring components are also on AWS. Netdata has a great opportunity to list on the AWS Marketplace and tap into other AWS users who are also looking for a monitoring solution on AWS. Thus, by listing their containers and SaaS products on the AWS Marketplace, they are looking to expand their reach and be more visible to more AWS customers.


How was the technical support provided by Labra’s team throughout the journey?

Initially, the Labra team provided Netdata with a good understanding of the steps involved in the cloud marketplace journey along with expectations on how long it would take and how to approach it. Further, Labra provided Netdata help in the listing details after taking in their inputs on the description of the product and what it is envisioned to do for the target users. Guiding them through every step of the listing journey and setting them up for success by integrating the AWS Marketplace Management Portal and platform for seamless private offer management.


Check out what Satya has to say about listing and selling on AWS Marketpace with Labra here:

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