As we lead up to Google Cloud Next ‘24, we are excited to share that the Labra Platform now adds support for Google Cloud Marketplace listings and management. Labra integrates the Google Cloud Marketplace console closely with your CRM and allows users to manage the entire buyer lifecycle from within your CRM.

Exciting times are ahead for Google Cloud as they are emerging as the go-to choice for unified ML platform and AI solution. In Q4 of 2023, Google Cloud captured revenue of $9.2 billion, extending the company’s annual run rate to $36.8 billion. This is further cemented by the fact that over 70% of Gen AI unicorn companies are Google Cloud customers. (CRN)

This blog explores more on what makes the Google Cloud Marketplace stand out compared to the other Cloud Marketplaces and how Labra can help accelerate your listing on the Google Cloud Marketplace and manage private offers efficiently.

The Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud Marketplace is an online catalog that allows customers to find and quickly deploy software on Google Cloud. Here, buyers can choose from a variety of offerings from ISVs, Google, and Open-source. There are thousands of products and services on offer across categories such as SaaS and API, VMs, Security, Databases, Kubernetes, and more.

Through the Google Cloud Marketplace, sellers can simplify the billing process for their buyers, create private offers for specific buyers, and generate reports on their product and service listings.

Companies procuring software through the Google Cloud Marketplace also have the above ability to utilize 100% of their cloud commit on the purchase. This provides sellers with the ability to tap into the $74.1 Bn in committed spends (Q4 2023) of existing GCP customers.

Benefits of the Google Cloud Marketplace:

  • 32% Bigger deal size
  • 100% commit drawdown
  • 42% deal acceleration
  • 200% YoY growth in marketplace transactions (2023)

Google Cloud Marketplace Benefits

Google Cloud and AI

Recently, Google Cloud partnered with Huggingface to ease the development of AI software development. Both large and small companies are increasingly showing interest in deploying AI for their own purposes and they are spending more time optimizing and fine-tuning these models.

And Google will complete the technical integration required to use Nvidia’s coveted advanced AI chips, the H100, within “weeks” not “months,” Kurian said. (CIO)

With these partnerships and their existing set of capabilities in AI, Google is providing a solid foundation for customers in all stages of growth. Google further provides up to $350,000 in startup credits for AI and Web3 startups building on Google Cloud.

Google also emerges as the leader in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrants for Cloud AI Developer Services and Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms. Now, let’s take a look at the seller experience on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Selling on the Google Cloud Marketplace

Few things you should be aware of before you start selling on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Choosing a pricing model

Sellers on Google Cloud Marketplace can choose one of three pricing models for their customers. More details here. You can have up to 24 total pricing plans for each product. If your pricing model is based on usage, each plan can measure eight metrics. The pricing models available:

  • Free
  • Flat monthly pricing (Subscription-based pricing)
  • Usage-based pricing (Based on usage metering)
  • Combined pricing (Base subscription fee + usage metering)

You can also offer a free trial for all of the above plans. Once your pricing is decided, you can submit it for review. It takes up to 4 days to be approved.

Payment schedule

Once you’ve set the pricing model, it is time to set up a payment schedule. Google Cloud offers flexible options for payment schedules that work for you and your customer. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, annual, or custom payment schedules. More details here.

Set up Auto-renew

Buyers can set up the option to automatically renew their subscriptions when they reach their expiry date. The initial setup requires both seller and buyer to allow, and the buyer can later turn it on or off at any time. More details here.

Internal Service Catalog 

Service Catalog provides a centralized catalog for organizations to curate, share, and govern approved cloud services and solutions for internal users, allowing administrators to manage distribution, ensure compliance, and increase discoverability while giving users a single location to find vetted tools. This enterprise-grade solution is free-to-use and is available for all customers.

List and sell on Google Cloud Marketplace with Labra

Labra’s Cloud Commerce Platform offers a seamless end-to-end experience for companies looking to leverage the benefits and grow through the Google Cloud Marketplace. We cover the three major phases of Build, Market, and Sell.

Effortless listing

Labra accelerates your Google Cloud Marketplace listing and improves the time to listing by over 50% with little to no technical input from your end. Our Cloud Marketplace experts help you with technical reviews, testing, meeting compliance requirements, and more.

Private Offers from your CRM

You can now manage your Google Cloud Marketplace private offers right from your Salesforce or Hubspot CRM systems. With Labra’s easy integration, you get easy access to your Cloud Marketplace Offers and data without ever having to perform manual data sync or leave your CRM. Learn more here.

Automate and templatize workflows

With Labra’s platform, you can templatize your repetitive workflows and close deals faster through automation. In addition to improving your time to close deals, it also improves customer satisfaction and reduces overhead.

Enhanced buyer experience

Labra provides you the flexibility to add custom landing pages to collect user information and reduce the number of steps they have to go through before being able to access your product through the marketplace.

Improved notifications

With its Slack and Email integration, Labra provides users the ability to create custom notifications for multiple users based on events in the buyer lifecycle. Keeping you and your team updated on the latest status of a buyer is easier than ever.

Unified Multi-cloud platform

Labra is the go-to solution to bring together and manage multiple listings across AWS, GCP, and Azure marketplaces into one unified portal. With the added ability to manage cloud Co-sell opportunities for other marketplaces all from your CRM or Labra’s UI.

Onboarding assistance

Our team is here to help you through the entire onboarding process. From preparing your listing to customizations in CRM to fit your workflow. We are also working closely with the Google Cloud team to keep our products in tune with the latest Google Cloud Marketplace capabilities.

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