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If you are a product or service provider, you need a CRM that gives you complete visibility of the customer journey and helps you manage leads efficiently.

Handling a sales pipeline manually can be cumbersome and subject to human error.. This is where a CRM can be useful in customizing the sales pipeline as per the business needs.

If you are an AWS Partner, the APN Customer Engagement (ACE) Pipeline Manager lets you manage the leads and opportunities coming from AWS. Different organizations use different CRM systems to fetch lead data from AWS, and without a dedicated team, keeping your CRM updated in real-time can be a herculean effort.

So how do you integrate two different sales pipelines?  Enter Labra OppSync.

What is Labra OppSync

OppSync Sales Pipeline Integration and Management (SPIM) is a one-of-a-kind enterprise grade SaaS solution that OppSync is an enterprise-grade SaaS solution that simplifies the integration by keeping data in sync through a bi-directional and secure connection with zero human intervention, allowing you to co-sell efficiently with AWS and grow your business.

The Need for Seamless CRM Integration

When different team members are collaborating on a single lead, real-time access to relevant lead data becomes essential. Automating repetitive tasks such as CRM updation and orchestrating workflows for sales operations allows your employees to focus on the converting leads to opportunities. Smart and seamless integration can also enhance team efficiency leading to higher productivity.

Labra OppSync gives you a 360-degree view of the customer journey by turning your CRM into a single source of truth.

A key feature of OppSync is bi-directional auto sync, which syncs ACE and Partner CRM data enabling collaboration and cross-selling to make customer acquisition and the sales cycle shorter and more efficient.

Zero Human Intervention

OppSync is a no-code solution that makes the installation effortless. This eliminates development, maintenance, resource, and infrastructure costs, resulting in lower TCO and upto 70% savings on cost.

The solution has an intuitive, web-based interface and provides white-glove service which means that you get a dedicated technical expert during installation to check and verify system requirements and recommend best practices for efficient lead management.

Data privacy & security are of primary importance, and OppSync is a SOC 2-compliant system that incorporates best-in-class security practices to ensure that sensitive AWS customer data is never stored.

Go-to Solution for AWS Partners

OppSync has been developed with AWS Partners in mind to enable faster co-selling with AWS. With onboarding support, our goal is to create an easy integration experience for AWS Partners.

With simple, secure and fast AWS CRM integration that requires zero engineering effort, OppSync SPIM will enhance AWS Marketplace relations and sales opportunities.

Integrating your CRM with AWS ACE has never been easier.

Get in touch to know how this solution can accelerate revenue and grow your business.

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